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[Case Study] Wisconsin County Garners Success with SCRAM GPS

Product: SCRAM GPS

Brown County, Wisconsin, added SCRAM GPS into its work release program in July 2015. Now, more than 100 individuals are monitored each day with SCRAM GPS. Most program participants are on release from the local jail to work, perform community service, attend school, or for other preapproved activities.

The program has successfully helped to reduce Brown County’s incarceration costs while allowing clients to maintain work and other obligations—factors that have been shown to increase stability and reduce recidivism.

SCRAM GPS Analytics

SCRAM GPS Analytics and the monitoring dashboard lets officers spend more time in the field. The dashboard aggregates participant data in one location, allowing officers to quickly spot issues and access needed information. “The software is very user-friendly and a huge time-saver,” comments Lt. John W. Mitchell with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. “It means we can spend more time on the road doing compliance checks and making sure clients are doing what they are supposed to.”

Read the full case study: SCRAM GPS Monitors Wisconsin Work-Release Clients.

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