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Can You Find Me Now? SCRAM GPS Offers Options in Cellular Networks

Product: SCRAM GPS

GPS monitoring uses satellites to calculate a device’s location and sends the data to monitoring software via cellular network signals. The U.S. uses two different cellular technologies—the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)—but does it really matter which one your GPS device uses to transmit data?

GSM vs. CDMA—Does it Really Matter?

Yes! Cellular network coverage can vary depending on location, which can not only affect your cell phone’s ability to make calls, but also the performance of GPS devices.

Depending on where your location monitoring program and clients are located, one mobile network provider may offer superior coverage over another. And better coverage not only reduces the potential for location failure alerts but can also improve the battery life of a GPS device. The harder a GPS device must work to “talk” to the cellular network, the more battery power it uses—which means more frequent charging and more opportunities for clients to generate low battery alerts.

Using a GPS device that communicates with the strongest network in your jurisdiction is one of the simplest ways to improve your program’s GPS performance. SCRAM GPS® devices are available for both GSM (used by AT&T) and CDMA (used by Verizon). So, no matter which network best serves your area, we have you covered.

AT&T and Verizon coverage can vary by location. These coverage maps can help provide insight on which network is best for your GPS program. 

SCRAM GPS Verizon and AT&T Availability

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