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Repeat Alcohol Offender


California DUI Court Uses Technology to Lower Repeat Drunk Driving

San Joaquin County, CA—Located just east of the San Francisco Bay area in California’s Central Valley, San Joaquin County has approximately 726,000 residents. The area is known as one of the most agriculturally rich areas in California ...

Hamilton County (TN) Reduces DUIs, Domestic Assaults With Multi-Technology Alcohol Program

Remote breath testing, continuous transdermal monitoring, and transdermal monitoring with house arrest are assigned by the Hamilton County courts as a condition of bond or probation. 

Pennsylvania’s Target 25 Program Reducing Repeat DUIs by 90%

In the Target 25 program, SCRAM CAM is being used on second and higher DUI offenses to help deter repeat offenses, as well as serving as an assessment tool to get these hardcore drunk drivers the treatment they need to effect ...

Lower Brule Sioux Tribal Court SCRAM CAM Program Targets Repeat Offenders

In 2012, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe had over 1,000 criminal cases, with at least 98% being alcohol/drug related. Many of these cases are adjudicated by the Lower Brule Tribal Court. To better address the prevalence of alcohol-related crime, the court began using ...

San Diego County DA: Strongly Defined SCRAM Program Yields High Compliance for Drunk Drivers

The use of SCRAM CAM, in San Diego County, with clearly defined and consistently applied usage criteria has resulted in extremely high compliance for both first-time and hardcore DUI offenders, a reduction in jail overcrowding, significant taxpayer savings and support ...

Travis County Veterans Treatment Court Uses Drug Court Model to Get Combat Veterans Back on Track

Travis County works with Dallas-based Recovery Healthcare to manage the SCRAM CAM Program. Recovery works closely with courts throughout Texas and Oklahoma to integrate CAM 24/7 monitoring into treatment-based programs for offenders.