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SCRAM Nexus® Family
Software Features

Decision support software made for child welfare agencies.

SCRAM Nexus® Family compiles client data to automatically create policy-driven case plans and integrates with treatment provider services, allowing for seamless referrals to set caregivers up for success. By synthesizing client progress and treatment data, the software’s algorithms recommend appropriate interventions to provide the best outcomes and more meaningful interactions and home visits with parents. Detailed reporting and visual analytics provide additional insights into client, program, and agency performance, allowing caseworkers and supervisors to identify trends and better allocate their time and resources.

With Nexus Family, child welfare, human services departments, and treatment providers can have the tools they need to create better outcomes for children and families.

Create better outcomes for children and families.

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Automated Client Intake

Automated Case Plans Provider Referrals
Nexus Family Case Plan

Case Plans in a Fraction of the Time

SCRAM Nexus Family streamlines client intake by making it quick and easy to input assessment information, client demographics, history, and more. The system compiles client information to automatically create activities with clear progress planning, so caseworkers and parents understand what is expected to succeed.

Service Provider referrals

Connect Families with the Services They Need to Succeed

Nexus Family integrates with providers and automatically refers caregivers to services like treatment, parenting classes, drug testing, and more. This automation saves time for caseworkers and engages the caregivers in the services they need quickly.

Data Compilation & Integration

Real-Time Data Compilation Caseworker Workload Page

Powerful Insights and Meaningful Information

SCRAM Nexus Family integrates with external sources to generate real-time client data—such as meeting attendance, drug test results, home visits, and more—into meaningful insights. This allows caseworkers to have more productive interactions during family visits.

Everything a Caseworker Needs—All In One Place

Caseworkers can view daily priorities and identify immediate action items, sorted by daily or missed activities, or daily appointments. Caseworkers can also assign incentives and interventions, review mobile check-in data, and more.

Parent Dashboard Provider

Access All Caregiver Data in One Location

The parent dashboard makes it easy for caseworkers to view caregiver data and information, including a caregiver summary, case planning, and metrics. The intuitive activity calendar provides a visual view of upcoming activities, missed appointments, and more.

The provider portal facilitates data collection, client evaluation, and communication between officers and treatment providers.

Seamless Communication Between Caseworkers and Treatment Providers

The provider portal facilitates data collection, client evaluation, and communication between caseworkers and treatment providers. Parent activity—such as appointment attendance, plan progress, and critical events—is automated back to Nexus Family, immediately visible to the caseworker.

Configurable Response Recommendations

Decision Support Client
A Software that Verifies Case Plan Activities and Actions

Responses Tailored to Agency Policy

Nexus Family gives configurable recommendations for incentives and interventions and provides recommendations based on existing agency polices, client data, and case plan complexity.

Data Visualizations Detail Client Progress

Client metrics show a parent’s headway against case plan criteria so caseworkers can easily track their progress. The software also visually shows how long a caregiver has been on a case plan and how much of the plan remains.

Parent Communication with SCRAM TouchPoint®

Automated Reminders Secure Messaging

Keep Parents Informed and Accountable

When integrated with Nexus Family, the The SCRAM TouchPoint client engagement mobile app sends the caregiver confirmation of scheduled appointments and automated reminders for court appearances, treatment, and other appointments.

Stay in Constant Contact with Ease

Communication between the caseworker and caregiver is streamlined with TouchPoint’s secure, text-like messaging feature. Read receipts let the caseworker know if a message has been read and transcripts of these messages can be used in court or during a case audit.

Document Management

Confirm Parent Information Anytime, Anywhere

TouchPoint allows caregivers to complete scheduled check-ins right from their smartphone. Parents answer configurable questions and verify key information, adding an additional layer of engagement and accountability.

Virtually View Documents

Parents can upload important documents via TouchPoint that their caseworker can securely access and manage, such as driver’s license, paystubs, treatment attendance, certificates, and more.

Reporting & Analytics

SCRAM Nexus Family provides users with a four-tiered approach to analytics with over 80 visualization tiles. Each tier includes data from the previous tier, creating a higher-level aggregate view of client, caseworker, and agency performance, enabling supervisors with the visibility needed to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Parent Performance Caseworker Dashboard

Remarkable Insight into Parent Progress

The client metrics tab shows a client’s activity compliance so caseworkers can quickly identify trends. A client’s case plan is measured by both compliance and behavior to show how they are progressing towards their goals. Nexus Family also visually shows how far along the client is on the reunification timeline.

Configurable Dashboards Display Relevant Data Caseworkers Need

With the ability to add, remove, and reposition relevant data tiles, caseworkers can create their own custom dashboard to gain unparalleled knowledge into their entire caseloads.

Supervisor Analytics Agency Analytics

Caseworker Performance Data At Supervisors’ Fingertips

Analytics allow supervisors to view summary statistics around caseworker performance and response time, adoption of policy, and their case’s progress. Supervisors can also utilize this data to analyze challenges, staffing and training needs, prepare coaching and supervision sessions, and initiate case audits.

Unprecedented Data Into Agency Performance

Agency analytics provide vital, high-level information and valuable insights by rolling up data to determine how the agency is performing as a whole. Agency leaders can filter data in dynamic reports by client typology, demographics, provider, services, and more. Nexus Family also provides data about supervision model performance so leaders can assess which models are working and adjust them to address specific program needs.

Ready to see SCRAM Nexus Family in action? Schedule a demo today!

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