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Introducing SCRAM GPS® Pattern of Life Mapping

Visualize Client Travel Patterns

We constantly strive to advance the way we monitor and analyze GPS location data and find new ways to distill the 1,440 location points generated per client per day into quantitative data for community corrections officers.

Introducing SCRAM GPS Pattern of Life (POL) mapping, designed to provide even more detail on how and where clients spend their time. With POL mapping, officers save time evaluating thousands of data points and gain instant access to client travel details.

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What is Pattern of Life Mapping?

Mapping Categories

Puts each GPS point into one of ten categories, summarizing where clients spend their time. These categories help officers quickly analyze future stops and potential diversions from a client’s typical travel pattern.

Travel Details

Lets officers know the address, arrival and departure times, and total amount of time spent at each location a client visits.

Mapping Views

Give officers access to a variety of mapping options such as daily, weekly, or monthly viewing, in a familiar calendar layout.

Location Information

Offers further details of each GPS location point to help officers confirm accuracy and data network coverage, optimizing supervision programs.

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See SCRAM GPS Pattern of Life Mapping in Action

Pattern of Life mapping is only available with SCRAM GPS. See first-hand how this revolutionary mapping technology can increase officer efficiency.