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Halloween is no longer just for Trick-or-Treaters—the last decade has seen a spike in the number of adults who are mixing their boos with booze. As a result, DUIs and alcohol-involved incidents have become a substantial issue on All Hallows’ Eve.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here you’ll find tools to raise awareness about the dangers of Halloween drinking, shareable tips for celebrating responsibly, and resources for DUI and alcohol programs.


Updated for 2017, this infographic highlights the scary truth about Halloween and drinking. Click to view, download, or share the graphic.

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DUI Program Checklist

Monitor, 24/7, the ones you’re most concerned about, and talk with your SCRAM CAM provider or program manager about any additional needs you have during high-risk times like Halloween.

  • Remind clients to stay away from the Booze when they’re celebrating their Boos.

  • Extend monitoring for current high-risk clients through the Halloween holiday, when violations could be 30% higher than average.

  • Reiterate the consequences for violations. If they are monitored, they will be caught.

  • Talk about alternatives to drinking and ways to celebrate safely and soberly.

  • Ask your SCRAM CAM provider or program manager about options to manage your alcohol offenders during Halloween.

Download Checklist (PDF)

7 Tips To Keep Your Halloween Party Guests From Turning Into Ghosts

This year more than 61 million adults plan to host or attend a Halloween party. If you are throwing a spooky bash, keep these tips in mind to help your guests safely enjoy the “spirits” of the season:

  • Provide plenty of alcohol-free drink choices for designated drivers or those who don’t want to drink. These non-alcohol drink recipes will help you to concoct some celebration-worthy potions:
  • Serve food to encourage people to drink more moderately and slow down the effects of alcohol.
  • If your zombie-fest will go into the witching hours, turn it into a slumber party to keep intoxicated friends off the road.
  • Arrange to have cabs or ridesharing services waiting at the end of the evening to ensure your guests have a sober ride home.
  • Hire a bartender for the night to keep an eye on your guests’ alcohol consumption and cut off people who have reached their limit.
  • Never serve alcohol to underage guests. It’s illegal and it’s dangerous.
  • Don’t be afraid to intervene if someone attempts to get behind the wheel while drunk. Call a cab on their behalf, take away their keys, or call the police for assistance.

SCRAM CAM Programs Are Making a Difference

The stats don’t lie. There are 1 million DWI arrests each year in the U.S. and each October, the number of DUIs and alcohol-related incidents increases significantly on Halloween.

  • 36% of pedestrian fatalities on Halloween night involve a drunk driver
  • Children are more than twice as likely to be killed by a car while walking on Halloween night
  • From 2011-2015, 45% of all traffic fatalities on Halloween resulted from a drunk driving-related crash

Learn more about how SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is driving compliance, accountability, and assessment in drunk and impaired driving programs across the country.

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