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Transdermal Alcohol Measurement: A Review of the Literature

The body of scientific literature on transdermal alcohol testing dates back almost 70 years. Based on published research in this field, one can conclude that measuring alcohol transdermally on a constant basis provides an effective screen for alcohol consumption and a reasonable approximation of the magnitude of that consumption.

By J.S. Hawthorne and M.H. Wojcik, SCRAM Systems

The Determination of Blood Alcohol Concentration by Transdermal Measurement

The objective of this research was to compare the accuracy of readings using the SCRAM bracelet to alcohol concentrations measured by conventional breath analysis.

By J. Robert Zettl, BS, MPA, DABFE 

Sweat Ethanol Concentrations are Highly Correlated with Co-existing Blood Values in Humans

This study compares the concentration of ethanol, both absolute and relative to water content, in sweat and blood. 

By Michael J. Buono Department of Biology and the Department of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, San Diego State University