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Supervised Probation Services

Supervised Probation Services has been in business in Northeast Missouri since 1992. We currently work 4 different counties and 4 municipal courts. Our office employs 4 probation officers with a combined 70 years of experience in supervising probation and parole offenders. Services that we offer include probation supervision, bond supervision, urine testing, SCRAM CAM alcohol monitoring, electronic house arrest, community service coordination, and pre-sentence investigations. We pride ourselves in customizing our supervision strategies to meet the needs of each individual court.

We are committed to maintaining a good working relationship with other community organizations. We work to provide accountability and understanding to our clients, while holding them to the standards expected by the courts.


Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Breath®

Remote Alcohol Breath Testing


GPS Location Monitoring

SCRAM House Arrest®

House Arrest Monitoring

SCRAM TouchPoint®

Smartphone-based Client Engagement

Products Offered

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Main Office

113 South 7th Street
Hannibal, Missouri 63401
Phone: 573-248-3200
Fax: 573-248-3913
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