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Recovery Science Corporation

Recovery Science Corporation pioneered the introduction of SCRAM Systems to Canada in 2010. We offer services in the criminal and family justice systems. In the criminal justice system, we offer SCRAM Systems alcohol monitoring as well as GPS monitoring, remote breath testing, RF monitoring, and drug testing for use in bail plans of supervision, conditional sentences, probation, parole, and peace bonds. Our bail program is the largest of its kind in Canada and is recognized by Canadian courts as offering an innovative and effective alternative in cases where bail would otherwise be denied. Including SCRAM CAM in a proposal for a conditional sentence or probation order, or wearing SCRAM CAM pre-sentencing to establish an objective record of abstinence and a commitment to sobriety and accountability, helps increase the chances of a community sentence or less time in jail.

Comments by courts:

  • “RSC’s SCRAM monitoring is very impressive, a good tool.”
  • “Stephen Tan was a very good witness.”
  • “Mr. Tan’s evidence was extremely informative and compelling.”
  • “Peter Marshall’s evidence was very direct, straightforward, and very helpful.”
  • “Adds something substantial to the proposed plan.”
  • “I agree with the Crown and defence counsel that the program put together by Recovery Science Corporation is impressive.”

We offer continuing legal education programs and case consultations at no charge. Our case law memo on electronic monitoring is an extremely valuable tool for counsel and courts when planning, arguing, and deciding cases in which alcohol monitoring or electronic monitoring is being proposed. Our family law and child protection programs help resolve cases that would otherwise become bogged down in he-said/she-said allegations and denials about alcohol abuse. The objective, timely and reliable information provided by 24/7 monitoring, allows counsel, the parties, and the court to focus on developing pragmatic solutions and helps reduce the cost and acrimony of alcohol-related litigation.

Examples of outcomes in family and child protection cases when our SCRAM Systems programs have been used: children not apprehended; access changed from supervised to unsupervised; overnight access reinstated; father permitted to resume living with the family; alcohol abuse eliminated as an issue of concern; alcohol abuse confirmed as a concern and parent agreed to attend treatment; mother permitted to resume breastfeeding.

Testimonials from people who have been monitored with SCRAM:

  • “It really helped me abstain from alcohol use.”
  • “Wearing the bracelet gives me no choice but to deal with the situation and feel my feelings as opposed to drinking them away and making the problems worse.”
  • “It gives me a real sense of accomplishment.”
  • “It helped prove that my children come first and not my addiction.”
  • “It helped my loved ones trust me more.”
  • “I feel I was treated with respect.”

We offer seminars and free case consultations to help agencies, counsel, mediators, and courts recognize when to consider the use of alcohol monitoring technologies, create a plan for using alcohol monitoring technologies that meets the needs of individual cases, and understand and use the evidence produced by alcohol monitoring technologies in advocacy, assessment, and decision-making.


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