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Ohio Alcohol Monitoring Systems

Ohio AMS was established in 2004 and is a SCRAM Systems service provider offering alternative sentencing solutions to the criminal justice community. SCRAM Systems has effectively defined the continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) market and created a highly successful niche never before seen in the criminal justice arena. Ohio AMS pairs this market-leading technology with our professional court support and excellent customer service to partner with you in monitoring your alcohol-related offenders.
We have a highly trained and professional staff prepared to assist our customers with their caseload. Ohio AMS has individual departments for communications, data interpretation, court support, billing, and collections. We will manage your alcohol monitoring program from registration to termination!


Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Breath®

Remote Alcohol Breath Testing


GPS Location Monitoring

SCRAM House Arrest®

House Arrest Monitoring

SCRAM TouchPoint®

Smartphone-based Client Engagement

Products Offered

Jurisdiction (75 counties served)

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Main Office

6479 Brecksville Road
Independence, Ohio 44131
Phone: 216-525-3112
Fax: 216-525-3116
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