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JusticePoint, Inc

5 Counties Served: Adams, Dodge, Marathon,

JusticePoint is a non-profit 501(c)3 social service agency founded in 2011 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The agency’s sole purpose is to provide the highest possible quality location monitoring, alcohol monitoring, screening, assessment, case management, and direct service provision for individuals whose lives have become intertwined with the criminal justice system. Through the appropriate deployment of evidence-based interventions and programming, key justice system outcomes can be impacted.  Reduction in key criminal justice outcomes such as recidivism has the cumulative effect of stunting or limiting the cycle of criminal activity by eliminating criminal role modeling and the cycle of victimization. JusticePoint’s mission statement states simply that we are an organization dedicated to the promotion of evidence-based criminal justice policy and programming throughout the state of Wisconsin.  Unpacked, this simple mission statement outlines broad and ambitious goals: to reduce individual recidivism, increase public safety, reduce financial burden on taxpayers, and to reduce instances of victimization.

JusticePoint’s founders, administrators, and executive management staff have been involved in the provision of location monitoring services in the state of Wisconsin since 2006.  Having utilized location monitoring equipment from the seven largest manufacturers of location monitoring equipment, JusticePoint’s key executive staff have garnered the highest possible level of user experience in the best and most appropriate use of the various location monitoring tools as well as a keen understanding of the strengths and limits of each technology type and each specific device.  

With a reputation for high standards in service delivery, JusticePoint develops a clear understanding of a clients need and unique traits; we then match that need with our ability to exceed expectations. As an authorized SCRAM Systems provider we proudly offer a line of alcohol and location monitoring equipment we believe parallels our agency mission and structuring. 

Contact JusticePoint directly to discuss how we can satisfy your current and future alcohol/location monitoring, screening, assessment and case management needs.