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Intercept, Inc.

Our motto is: “Keep the party out of the car, it could save a life and a lifetime of regret.”  Every 30 minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver and everyday someone new becomes an alcoholic or drug addict. A high percentage of domestic violence arrests are alcohol related. The statistics are staggering.

Intercept partners with courts, specialty courts, probation, alternative sentencing departments, and attorneys throughout California and Nevada. Through our combined efforts, we work together as a team to keep our community safe and our roads sober.

Intercept provides a wide array of solutions:

  • SCRAM Systems alcohol monitoring
  • GPS/house arrest/home detention
  • Supervision for all misdemeanors and felony cases
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Family Court solutions
  • Case management
  • Post and pretrial
  • Certified to give Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) classes in California and Nevada
  • Extensive alcohol program for the PRIVATE SECTOR
  • Programs for Specialty Courts/Veterans Courts
  • Support and testimony in court hearings

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Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Breath®

Remote Alcohol Breath Testing


GPS Location Monitoring

SCRAM House Arrest®

House Arrest Monitoring

SCRAM TouchPoint®

Smartphone-based Client Engagement

Products Offered

Jurisdiction (6 counties served)

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Main Office

225 E Channel Street
Suite A
Stockton, California 95202
Phone: 209-684-9001
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Sacramento Office

1207 Front Street
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone: 916-834-7290