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EHM Washington–Offender Monitoring Solutions

EHM Washington–Offender Monitoring Solutions has been serving the criminal justice communities of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, California, and Alaska since 2009, and as an Authorized SCRAM Systems Service Provider in the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho since 2014.

Our services include:

  • SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM CAM)
  • SCRAM Remote Breath (point-in-time mobile breathalyzer)
  • Drug Testing

Please visit our website or call 253-328-7345 ext. #1

Our Mission

EHM Washington – Offender Monitoring Solutions, is committed to providing each client – whether they be the court or a pre-trial or sentenced defendant – with the individual, professional attention they deserve. We believe that by stressing personal responsibility (adherence to rules and procedures) to achieve accountability, that a new and better life can be enjoyed by the individual being monitored and their family. Our program creates accountability which leads to healthier people, stronger families, and safer communities.

Our Commitment to the Judicial System

We are committed to participating with legal jurisdictions and agencies in the effort to rehabilitate offenders by reporting relevant monitoring data and program status notifications so officials are informed.  EHM Washington will always strive to deliver timely and accurate communications to the courts, probation, corrections, and legal representatives that we work with.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

We are committed to serving our clients with integrity and empathy as they commit themselves to self-improvement and satisfaction of court mandates.  We recognize and encourage the dramatic positive life changes that successful completion of a monitoring program contributes for so many of our clients, and we share in celebrating their judicial and personal accomplishments.

We also understand that for many of our clients, the obligation of being accountable to the justice system and a service provider such as EHM Washington may be a first – or perhaps last – an opportunity to move away from difficult periods in their lives, and we understand that this transition may be challenging, stressful, and even traumatic at times.  As a private business facilitating a court’s order, we will balance compassion for personal circumstances, while at the same time maintaining a strong sense of compliance with the letter and spirit of the law as well as the conditions of the court.

Our Commitment to Our Community

EHM Washington and its representatives will strive to be ethical, productive, and contributing members of the communities we are a part of and participate in.  We believe that a sustainable business benefits from a strong and positive reputation among neighbors, competitors, vendors, clients, and anyone we interact with.


Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Breath®

Remote Alcohol Breath Testing


GPS Location Monitoring

SCRAM House Arrest®

House Arrest Monitoring

SCRAM TouchPoint®

Smartphone-based Client Engagement

Products Offered

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Main Office

622 Tacoma Avenue South
Suite 6
Tacoma, Washington 98402
Phone: 253-328-7345
Fax: 253-328-7346
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EHM Spokane

1011 West Mallon Avenue
Suite 5
Spokane, Washington 99201
Phone: 509-209-9195
Fax: 253-328-7346

EHM Yakima

124 South 3rd Street
Suite E
Yakima, Washington 98901
Phone: 509-424-5319
Fax: 253-328-7346