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Eastern Missouri Alternative Sentencing Services

EMASS is a privately owned company founded in 1991.  We provide a variety of services to the courts and criminal justice system and individuals who are dealing with substance abuse related or other legal problems.  Our services include Private Probation Supervision, Pre-sentence Investigations, SATOP service for DWI offenders, Domestic Violence Counseling and Education Seminars, Driver Improvement Programs, Alcohol Drug Education Programs and traditional Electronic (House Arrest) Monitoring.

We have offered SCRAM Systems in numerous jurisdictions in Eastern Missouri. There is a critical need for this type of testing system which is ideal for problematic DWI/DUI offenders and other alcohol related offenses such as: Assault, Domestic Violence, or even Child Custody issues. SCRAM CAM (Continuous Alcohol Monitor™) is designed specifically for applications in long term alcohol monitoring programs where abstinence is required, SCRAM CAM includes a bracelet-modem combination.  The staff at EMASS believes very strongly that it is important to provide this type of technology to the Criminal Justice System in that this technology can potentially have a great impact on both the individual and public safety. Dealing with alcohol offenders usually includes a comprehensive program of sanctions, education, and treatment. The more information available to assess individuals and detect whether they are in compliance with their court-ordered mandates, the better the chance they will successfully complete the supervision and be safely reintegrated into the community.


Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Breath®

Remote Alcohol Breath Testing


GPS Location Monitoring

SCRAM House Arrest®

House Arrest Monitoring

SCRAM TouchPoint®

Smartphone-based Client Engagement

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Main Office

#8 Westbury Drive
Suite B
St. Charles, Missouri 63301
Phone: 636-946-2815
Fax: 636-946-1568
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211 East 3rd Street
2nd Floor
Montgomery, Missouri 63361
Phone: 573-645-4655


Oaks Shopping Center
71 Florissant
Florissant, Missouri 63031


481 Maple Street
Suite B
Hillsboro, Missouri 63050
Phone: 636-578-6177

Lincoln County

415 East Cherry
Troy, Missouri 63379
Phone: 636-528-6517
Fax: 636-255-0153


201 O'Fallon Plaza
O'Fallon, Missouri 63366
Phone: 636-281-3001
Fax: 636-281-3041


9648 Midland Boulevard
Overland, Missouri 63114

South City

3819 South Grand
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
Phone: 314-664-9555
Fax: 314-664-0555


314 East Locust
Union, Missouri 63084
Phone: 636-584-7772
Fax: 636-584-7989

Warren County

104 South Market Street
Warrenton, Missouri 63383
Phone: 636-456-5573
Fax: 636-456-5591