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CuffLink Monitoring Systems

Why is a GPS required

Judges can order GPS monitoring for defendants who are released on bond, serving a sentence, or as a sanction for treatment to court participants. Judges also have the ability to enforce monitoring restrictions including, but not limited to house arrest, curfews, and even exclusion zones within certain areas.

Why use CuffLink Monitoring Systems

CuffLink Monitoring Systems has partnered with SCRAM GPS to provide clients with top-of-the-line service, with minimal intrusions. SCRAM GPS combines superior location accuracy, industry-leading strap design for maximum comfortability, long battery life, and user-friendly software tools that help officers quickly identify and address issues in their caseload. For high-risk offenders requiring around-the-clock location monitoring, SCRAM GPS offers revolutionary tamper technology that virtually eliminates false alerts and provides nearly instant notifications, so officers can act quickly. With instant access to client travel details With Google Maps and Google Info windows built into the SCRAM GPS monitoring software, officers can quickly identify a client’s exact location and easily put client movements into context. Additionally, GPS location monitoring is an effective alternative to incarceration for community corrections, helping officers more effectively supervise clients while enhancing community safety.

Spend Less Time in Jail

Jail is the last place that anyone wants to spend any more time than they have to. Many have stated that the experience of being in jail in the first place completely changed them and made them view the world in entirely new ways. Any person charged with a crime will immediately want to ask for bail to get out of jail and fight their case from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Interestingly, the court system uses GPS monitoring as a tool of both negotiation and for keeping tabs on defendants that come before it. In some cases, a judge may order a GPS ankle bracelet as part of an agreement to allow bail for a defendant who may be considered something of a flight risk. The court may also rule it necessary to monitor those that have been charged for a particular crime.

Helping Those with Few Resources

​As previously shown above, there are many instances when courts find it reasonable to apply GPS monitoring devices to suspects that have been charged or even to those who have been convicted of crimes. However, the most common use of GPS monitoring devices in our modern justice system comes from suspects requesting the application of these devices themselves.

You might wonder who could possibly want to have an ankle monitor placed on them. A judge may be moved to lower the bail amount or even eliminate it entirely if a defendant agrees to wear a GPS monitoring device as a condition of release.

This works with some judges because the whole point of the bail system in the first place is to secure a guarantee that the defendant will appear before the court. Bail money usually serves that purpose, but a GPS monitoring system may assist in bond reduction.

Our GPS monitoring systems are frequently requested by those looking for a way to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Not only are they a more affordable solution than some of the other monitoring systems on the market, but they also do not interfere with your life nearly as much as some others. They are designed to remain as comfortable and discreet as possible while still serving their purpose.

Retaining Your Dignity

We want you to hold your head up high. Being arrested for something is a very dejecting feeling, but it does not mean that you have been completely defeated. You are a defendant who is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. You get to have your day in court and make your case. We want to allow you to retain your dignity and comfort from your own home while the courts take their time sorting it all out.

**If you feel that our GPS monitoring devices could help in your case, please contact us for more information.** 


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