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Target 25 Program Model

In 2011, York County, PA Court of Common Pleas Judge John S. Kennedy identified some startling trends in the county:

  • 25% of all cases on the docket were DUIs
  • Of those, 25% were for repeat DUI offenses
  • 25% of DUI offenders were re-arrested for a subsequent DUI before their case was adjudicated

Judge Kennedy began working with officials throughout the county, and cooperatively they implemented the country’s first Target 25 program. This innovative, locally-driven program has turned the tide on repeat drunk driving in York County.

The Target 25 Program Model

Under the leadership of Judge Kennedy, York County’s judges, the district attorney’s office, local law enforcement, probation/parole, and local SCRAM provider Vigilnet worked cooperatively to develop the Target 25 program, which fundamentally changed the way DUI cases are handled. 

Under Target 25, law enforcement officers run a records check during every drunk driving stop. Suspects with prior DUIs are immediately arrested and taken for a blood-alcohol test and a bail hearing before a district judge. In contrast to typical “catch and release” approaches or traditional bail requirements, Target 25 requires pretrial supervision and 24/7 Continuous Alcohol Monitoring for all repeat DUI offenders. 

The results:

  • Repeat offenders committing new DUIs in the same year dropped 90%
  • Alcohol-related crashes resulting in injury or death fell 21% in York County in 2013

To learn more, download this Target 25 Implementation Guide, developed in cooperation with York County officials.

SCRAM Systems Target 25 Program for Repeat DUI Offenders


How Target 25 Works

Want to learn more about how Target 25 works? This infographic explains the process and includes statistics on the outcomes of this successful criteria-based program.

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Case Study

Pennsylvania’s Target 25 Program Reducing Repeat DUIs by 90%

York County, PA’s Target 25 Program relies on technology and the collaborative efforts of the district attorney’s office, local law enforcement, judges, the county’s DUI Court, and probation/parole to curb repeat drunk driving.

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