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Advanced Software Solutions

From advanced analytics to comprehensive program management tools, SCRAM Systems' suite of software solutions is designed to meet the unique goals and challenges of community corrections programs. Whether your program needs a unified platform to manage EM clients or intelligent tools to implement and support evidence-based practices, our applications increase efficiency and help you improve client outcomes.

SCRAMnet Optix™ and SCRAMnet Mobile

A single portal for your entire SCRAM EM caseload

SCRAMnet Optix offers an intuitive, streamlined user experience to manage all of your alcohol and location monitoring clients with a single login. And with the SCRAMnet Mobile app, agents can seamlessly transition from the office to the field.

  • Access client information across all SCRAM Systems technologies
  • Quickly review and resolve alerts for your entire caseload with consolidated alert management
  • Run essential reports directly from the dashboard
  • Manage priority alerts and complete critical tasks on-the-go with the SCRAMnet Mobile app

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SCRAM Nexus™

Bringing policy, behavioral science, and analytics into day-to-day decision-making

SCRAM Nexus empowers probation and parole programs to efficiently and consistently implement policies and evidence-based practices (EBP) for every participant.

  • Deliver consistent, data-informed responses to client actions based on policies, evidence-based practices, and the client’s risks and needs
  • Improve efficiency with guided supervision planning and automated workflow management 
  • Surface trends and insights on individual clients, caseloads, or entire programs with rich analytics tools
  • Quickly send referrals and receive essential updates from treatment and service providers through the web-based portal

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SCRAM 24/7™

Seamlessly manage your sobriety program clients across all testing methods

SCRAM 24/7 is built specifically for 24/7 Sobriety Programs, bringing together all client information and testing methods into a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

  • Easily record, track, and view test results
  • Assign and document sanctions for your entire client list
  • Sort actions and clients by testing schedule and priority from the intuitive dashboard
  • Quickly view a client’s financial obligations and securely log payment information
  • Eliminate dual data entry through a unified database for all program sites and agencies

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SCRAM TouchPoint™

Smartphone-based supervision for community corrections clients

The SCRAM TouchPoint mobile app allows you to more effectively manage clients in your pretrial, probation, and parole programs. Streamline your most common interactions with offenders and add an efficient layer of supervision to increase accountability and compliance.

  • Securely communicate with clients in real-time
  • Save time with automated reminders sent to client smartphones alerting them to take action on routine tasks
  • Set up scheduled or on-demand client check-ins for standalone supervision or to improve contact with EM clients

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Press Release

New Software Solution Aims to Improve Outcomes of Adults Under Community Supervision

A first-of-its-kind software platform, SCRAM Nexus™ empowers community supervision officers to do their job more efficiently and gives departmental leadership the information needed to make decisions based on science and real-time information by bringing together data from clients, treatment providers, other client touchpoints and data systems into one platform.

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