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Court Support Program

Standing Behind Our Data

When we confirm it, we stand behind it. Unlike virtually every other EM provider in the industry, we stand behind any confirmation and provide a comprehensive court support program to ensure our customers have what they need. Depending on the requirements of the technology, we provide everything from a written report confirming a violation, to in-person expert court testimony for evidentiary hearings. 

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

We provide the most comprehensive Court Support Program for the most complex technology. SCRAM Systems supports SCRAM CAM monitoring results in court at every level, and our team is available to offer expert testimony on the science of continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring technology. That means sanctions can be verified and enforced based on the data received from the SCRAM CAM device, ensuring single-source admissibility and eliminating the need for a “secondary screen” or additional confirmation of a drinking event.

Our data and processes have been upheld as reliable and have met the standards of Daubert, Frye, and FRE 702 and 703 in every state in which they have been challenged. That includes state appellate and supreme court-level hearings.

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SCRAM PMC Court Support Program

Evidentiary Hearings

We have provided court testimony support in evidentiary hearings around the country, including Frye or Daubert hearings. To-date, we have participated in:

  • 100+ evidentiary hearings in 24 states
  • 33 hearings resulting in Daubert/Frye rulings
  • 3 State Supreme and Appellate Court rulings in favor of CAM

Since 2003, SCRAM Systems has worked with courts and ancillary agencies to provide comprehensive SCRAM CAM testimony, which has included the creation of nearly 2,000 formal court reports used to detail the monitoring results of offenders who denied violating the conditions of their monitoring with alcohol consumption, equipment tampering, or a combination of both. In the majority of the cases, offenders confronted by courts armed with a comprehensive SCRAM reporting package admitted to the violation prior to the scheduled hearing.

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SCRAM PMC Court Support Program

SCRAM Remote Breath, SCRAM House Arrest, and SCRAM GPS

While SCRAM CAM is the most complex and challenged technology we deliver, we’ve extended the standards of our SCRAM CAM Court Support program to our entire suite of SCRAM Systems products. Depending on the requirements of the technology, court-admissible documentation and support is provided as needed.

SCRAM PMC Court Support Program

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