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Glenn Tubb

Chief Operating Officer

Glenn Tubb, Senior VP of Products

As Chief Operating Officer, Glenn is responsible for the vision, direction, and performance of SCRAM Systems. He has been with the company since early product incubation of the SCRAM CAM device. Tubb also served as Senior VP of Products, where he managed all aspects of product development and delivery, including Design Engineering, Product Management, Software Development, Network Operations, Manufacturing, and Logistics. He has also been the champion behind the company’s move toward Total Quality Management and ISO: 9001 certifications.

Before joining SCRAM Systems in January 2002, Glenn held various positions with JD Edwards & Company. From 1991 to 2000, he was CEO and majority shareholder of JD Edwards New Zealand and Australia, with revenue of $70 million (AUS), 500+ customers, 300+ employees, and eight offices. He received his Bachelor’s in Accountancy, magna cum laude, from Northern Arizona University in 1975, and an MBA with honors from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1980.