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SCRAM Systems Announces Partnership with CourtFact, LLC to Provide the Fully Inclusive CourtFact Suite of Products

Media Type: Press Release

The alliance between SCRAM Systems and CourtFact offers customers versatile remote supervision capabilities, improving communication between clients and their supervising authority

February 17, 2022, DENVER, Colo.— Alcohol Monitoring Solutions (DBA SCRAM Systems®), a leading manufacturer of alcohol and location monitoring devices and software, announces a partnership with CourtFact, a principal developer of software and smartphone applications used in the criminal justice market. This new collaboration makes the CourtFact suite of software products available through the SCRAM Systems Partner channel.

The flexibility and customizable options offered by CourtFact within the multiple software platforms are now paired with hardware and software offerings from SCRAM Systems. This joint venture delivers a fully inclusive solution that addresses the varying needs of community supervision agencies, both rural and urban. As the world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, the versatility and remote supervision capabilities of the CourtFact suite of products add a continuity of service offerings that complements the SCRAM Systems suite of products.

With many court systems finding new ways to conduct business, the demand for remote and virtual services has grown significantly. With the majority of the U.S. population owning a smartphone, the natural evolution to leverage that technology has been recognized by the criminal justice market. Easily accessible from either a smartphone or computer, CourtFact allows criminal justice-involved individuals to have more open and consistent communication with their supervising authority. With future integration enhancements planned, the two companies will be able to provide a single source for multiple solutions which will drive efficiency up and costs to taxpayers down.

“We are excited to now offer the CourtFact mobile client management software to our customers. Our goal at SCRAM Systems is to provide courts, agencies, and service providers with the most innovative technology and solutions that streamline day-to-day operations and change lives, all while improving community safety. By adding CourtFact to our suite of products, software, and services, we now offer the widest spectrum of community corrections solutions in the industry,” said John Hennessey, Chief Operations Officer (COO), SCRAM Systems.

“The future of common-sense solutions engineering for criminal justice is being realized with this partnership,” said Jason Tizedes, Vice President of Sales for CourtFact. “We will see more companies—that may have once thought themselves competitors—begin to join forces to produce superior products and deliver vital solutions to the marketplace like never before,” he added.

“We are excited for not only the domestic possibilities but also the international reach that SCRAM Systems has forged. The prospect of using this technology in creative ways is the most exciting aspect,” Mr. Tizedes concluded.

SCRAM Systems is dedicated to public safety and rehabilitation. This new union between the two companies aligns with the SCRAM Systems mission and values to deliver better products and services to clients and partners.


Source: SCRAM Systems
Location: Denver, CO