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SCRAM Systems Partners with Resilience Education to Reduce Recidivism

Media Type: Press Release

July 1, 2024, DENVER, Colo.— SCRAM Systems is proud to announce a partnership with Resilience Education, a prominent non-profit organization committed to ending cycles of incarceration. With the shared mission of fostering community safety and diminishing recidivism, SCRAM Systems proudly supports Resilience Education through this partnership. This contribution will bolster current and future educational programs for those incarcerated and resources available post-release.

SCRAM Systems is dedicated to empowering individuals on the path to recovery, and Charlottesville, Virginia-based Resilience Education is committed to breaking the cycle for individuals once released. The new partnership aims to shape a future where innovative technology, business resources, and programs can positively impact more lives, families, and communities.

Resilience Education, a program created with the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, prepares individuals for life after incarceration by giving them tools to support themselves and the confidence to thrive in their community. A Resilience Education participant who spent nearly 30 years in the system completed the Darden PREP (Prison Reentry Education Program) program and, after his release, learned to take control of his finances and use his newly acquired skills to do things he had never done before.

“We believe in the transformative power of education and are honored to partner with Resilience Education in this crucial mission. By marrying our business resources with their outstanding educational programs, we envision a future where individuals are not just released, but truly set free to thrive and contribute to their communities post-incarceration. This partnership is focused on the hope, recovery, and resilient spirit of those seeking a second chance,” said SCRAM Systems CEO, Chris Linthwaite.


Source: SCRAM Systems
Location: Littleton, CO