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The Roll Out of SCRAM CAM Across England Continues

The Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) national rollout of SCRAM CAM® continues across England where alcohol monitoring tags can be imposed as a condition of release from prison. The MoJ is increasing the number of tagged offenders to 12,000 by 2025.

Amit Sethi, Director of European Operations at SCRAM Systems, and the Right Honourable Dominic Raab MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Probation Officer, were interviewed by the BBC to speak about the the sobriety tag programme.

The interview was featured on Series 2: Episode 3 of the BBC’s Frontline Fightback, description of the episode below.

“Detectives in Hull go to great lengths to build up a digital trail of evidence that leads to two moped muggers who robbed an 85-year-old woman on her way home from church. 

Paul Pugh was beaten up in a completely unprovoked and vicious attack outside a pub in South Wales. Paul was hospitalised for more than a year and has been left with life-changing injuries. Since the attack, he has been campaigning to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and violence. Now, drink-fuelled offenders are being told to wear an electronic monitoring device known as a sobriety tag. The tag monitors their sweat and alerts the Probation Service if they consume even a small amount of alcohol. So far, the tag appears to be working, with offenders staying sober 97 per cent of the time.”