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Project Drive Sober: Ankle device aims to keep OWI offenders sober

The punishment for driving drunk can range from fines to jail time, but it can also
include something else that aims to keep offenders from consuming any alcohol at all.

“All studies show that Wisconsin has a significant drinking problem, therefore we have a significant drunk
driving problem, and they go hand in hand,” Judge William Atkison said.

Judges like Atkinson can order OWI offenders to maintain complete sobriety. That can be done through what’s
called a ‘SCRAM’ device, which continuously monitors alcohol consumption.

“The deterrent effect and the change in behavior is very effective,” ADL Monitoring Solutions owner Brian
Westphal said.

ADL monitoring will work with clients who typically receive a third of fourth offense OWI or cases with
serious injuries or deaths.

“To get them to realize how alcohol has affected their life is a pretty traumatic experience for them,” Westphal
said. “We’re hoping to start to change that behavior.”

Westphal said that of the people who wear the device, 99% are sober every day.

“We’ve had life changing effects with some of our clients,” he said.

Location: Brown County, WI