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Press Statement June 8, 2010

Media Type: Press Release

SCRAMx Client Confidentiality and the AMS Confirmation Process for all Violations

SCRAMx Client Confidentiality

AMS has a Client Privacy Policy that affords every SCRAMx client privacy related to any and all information about their time wearing SCRAMx. Our process ensures that any and all information about any individual client goes only to authorized personnel at the contracting jurisdictions.

AMS Confirmation Process for all Violations

AMS conducts a thorough and arduous evaluation of the entirety of every client’s monitoring data and the SCRAMx equipment worn at the time of a violation before issuing a final confirmation to the monitoring agency and the court. Because of this multi-step review process, we stand behind any confirmation of any violation 100%.

Since 2003, SCRAM has conducted more than 489 million alcohol tests on 137,000 offenders in more than 1,800 jurisdictions in 48 states.