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How convicted criminals could be forced off the booze

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A bold new plan could force criminals to wear hi-tech alcohol monitors as part of their sentences in a bid to stop them reoffending.

Criminals would be forced off the booze and monitored around the clock in a bold proposal set to be considered by the state government.

The Saturday Herald Sun can reveal the plan would see judges and magistrates given the power to force criminals to wear hi-tech alcohol detecting ankle bracelets as part of sentences they hand down.

The SCRAM – Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor – bracelets test for alcohol consumption using alcohol released through the skin as sweat.

Stuart Grimley will move a motion in parliament this week calling on the government to consider booze bracelets.

The lightweight water resistant bands take samples every half-hour and are able to recognise the difference between ingested alcohol and that picked up through the environment such as via deodorant spray.

The units are fitted with temperature and infra-red sensors to detect if it is tampered with.

Justice Party MP Stuart Grimley will move in parliament this week to call on the government to consider implementing the option.

Source: Herald Sun
Location: Victoria, Australia