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Drunk Drivers Sporting Sleeker Bling

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DENVER, CO—As Memorial Day marks the beginning of the “100 Deadly Days of Summer,” known for increased rates of alcohol-related traffic accidents, a new version of a popular, high-tech alcohol anklet is heating up the summer scene.

The bracelets, known for gracing the ankles of a number of Hollywood celebrities, actually sample a subject’s sweat, every 30 minutes, in order to measure for alcohol consumption. Termed SCRAM (for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), the system is used for 24/7, long-term monitoring of DUI offenders, with particular emphasis on the more than 250,000 repeat drunk drivers convicted each year. The original version of the bracelet, first released in 2003, has seen rapid adoption in the corrections industry, monitoring more than 63,000 offenders in 45 states, in large part due to its ability to monitor and deter high-risk alcohol offenders at a cost significantly lower than incarceration. In 2008, Denver-based Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) released a slimmed-down version of the original anklet, and it’s already monitored thousands of offenders in 45 states.

The 100 Deadly Days of Summer

Law enforcement, government agencies and special interest groups across the U.S. acknowledge Memorial Day as the beginning of a dramatic increase in alcohol-related accidents and fatalities, fueled by a succession of national holidays, the summer vacation season and increased traffic. In addition to enhanced localized law enforcement efforts, including roadside checkpoints to catch and deter drunk drivers, more than 1,700 agencies have begun to strap on the new version of the 
SCRAM Bracelets, known as SCRAM II. “Because alcohol is metabolized so quickly, unless you can test someone every two to three hours, you’re going to miss most drinking violations,” says Mike Iiams, chairman and CEO of AMS. “The ability to actually monitor the core issue, which is the addiction, is allowing courts to separate the alcohol from the offender and really impact long-term behavior.” Iiams says they’ve seen a rapid increase of SCRAMusage since the smaller bracelets became available to every court in April of this year. “The new design is half the size and weight, which has improved the fit and comfort. That’s important both to the clients wearing the units and to the court and probation personnel who are managing them,” says Iiams.

About Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.
Established in 1997, Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. manufactures SCRAM®, the world’s only Continuous Alcohol Monitoring system, which uses non-invasive transdermal analysis to monitor alcohol consumption.SCRAM fully automates the alcohol testing and reporting process, providing courts and community corrections agencies with the ability to continuously monitor alcohol offenders, increase offender accountability and assess compliance with sentencing requirements and treatment guidelines. Alcohol Monitoring Systems employs 100 people across the U.S. and is a privately-held company headquartered in Littleton, Colorado.