Sober Days for the Holidays

Holiday DUI Resource Center

Each year, winter holiday and New Year’s Eve celebrations ring in a dramatic increase in DUI offenses, binge drinking, and other alcohol-related issues. The resources on this page include links, images, and infographics about holiday Drinking and DUIs as well as sobriety support and safe driving options. Give the gift of awareness and share these with your community, and together, we can make a happy and safe holiday for all!


Drinking & DUIs During the Holidays

The Impact of Christmas and New Year's Drinking

Updated for 2018, this infographic tells the story of seasonal nationwide alcohol use and its consequences. Print it, share it, and make awareness the key to a safer holiday season.

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Images for Social Media

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SCRAM CAM Programs Are Making a Difference

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is helping communities across the U.S. address alcohol-impaired driving during the holidays. Family and financial stressors and holiday celebrations create temptations and pressure for alcohol clients to drink. Alcohol monitoring can be a key factor in helping these clients get to 2019 sober and compliant. In fact, 92% of high-risk DUI offenders said 24/7 alcohol monitoring helped them stay sober during the holidays.

“This was an excellent motivator to help me remain sober.  When in tough situations it really helped me with temptations.” - SCRAM CAM participant

“If it weren’t for SCRAM CAM, I’d be in jail and/or still drinking. It has helped keep me sober for almost a year. Life saver!” - SCRAM CAM paticipant

Learn more about how SCRAM CAM is driving compliance, accountability, and assessment in drunk and impaired driving programs across the country. 

Managing the Holidays Without Alcohol

The excitement of the holiday season reveals itself in numerous festive parties and celebrations with co-workers, family, and friends. Many of these joyous celebrations include alcohol--for those abstaining from drinking, this can be an especially tough time of year. Those who drink moderately the rest of the year may find themselves coping with holiday stress through increased alcohol intake.

It IS possible to enjoy the pleasures of the holiday season without alcohol. Join in the fun by following some of these tips:

  • Find a favorite non-alcoholic drink and don’t be afraid to ask for it. People who don’t imbibe can feel left out of the party when it comes to drinking choices, but there are plenty of options that say “celebration” without the booze:
  • Start new traditions or look for new ways to celebrate without alcohol.If past holiday activities involved drinking, participating in those same activities may trigger a desire to drink again. Creating a new, alcohol-free tradition can support your sobriety and keep you on the right path.
  • Identify potential sources of holiday stress and make a plan to work through these—without a drink. Go for a walk, take time for yourself, or talk with a supportive friend or professional.
  • Embrace the role of designated driver. Make your sobriety a gift to your friends and family by ensuring they get home safely after a celebration.

Holiday Checklist for DUI Programs

  • Share data about the increases in binge drinking and DUIs.
  • Remind your alcohol clients of the consequences for violations. If they’re monitored, they will be caught.
  • Talk about alternatives to drinking when dealing with holiday stressors like money, family, drug and alcohol temptations (see resources list below).
  • Provide monitoring 24/7 for the clients you’re most concerned about.
  • Extend current monitoring periods through January 1 to provide clients with an extra incentive to skip the liquid holiday cheer.
  • Talk to your SCRAM CAM provider or program manager about any additional needs you have in managing your alcohol offenders during the holidays.

Plan Ahead for a Safe and Sober Ride

Law enforcement agencies across the country will be running roadside sobriety checkpoints throughout the holiday season, including the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign organized by NHTSA. Here are some simple steps to get home safely from your holiday party or gathering:

  • Plan ahead! Don’t wait until you start drinking to figure out how you’ll get home.
  • Add contact information for cab companies, and car services into your phone or write it down. Some companies even offer special fares during the holidays, so do your research ahead of time.
  • Download and pre-populate your information for ride-sharing apps to make it easy to get a ride at the end of the evening.
  • Identify a designated driver for the evening and STICK WITH THE PLAN.
  • Create a back-up plan for a safe and sober ride home before you go out for the night.

Holiday Alcohol and Driving Safety Resources

Revisit this page throughout the holiday season as new data arrives to update our information and resources on holiday Drinking and DUIs.