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Options in Connectivity

Wireless Base Station Connectivity for Every Home

The landscape of home communications is changing. That’s why SCRAM Systems covers the full range of connectivity options in our wireless base station for SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and SCRAM House Arrest.

The base station communicates with SCRAM CAM and House Arrest bracelets to send testing and reporting data to SCRAMNET and to send updates to the bracelets. 

Most base stations on the market today were designed over a decade ago and struggle to connect in modern homes. But SCRAM Systems offers the most comprehensive base station connectivity options in the corrections industry. Whether your alcohol or house arrest clients use cellular, home internet, or a landline, your program is covered.

The house arrest ankle bracelet connects with the wireless base station placed anywhere in the home.
This diagram shows how the SCRAM house arrest ankle bracelet can connect to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, standard or digital phone lines, DSL, Vonage®, and cellular.

Four Ways for Clients to Connect

  • Ethernet
  • Cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • Landline