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OPTIONS in Connectivity

Introducing Ethernet Connectivity from SCRAM Systems

Easy for Everyone to Connect

While only a little more than half of U.S. households have a landline telephone, over 75% have Internet service. That’s why SCRAM Systems recently added Ethernet capability to the base station used with SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and SCRAM House Arrest.

The base station communicates with SCRAM CAM and House Arrest bracelets to send testing and reporting data to SCRAMnet and to send updates to the bracelets. 

SCRAM CAM base station

Three Ways for Clients to Connect

  • Broadband/Internet (Ethernet port)
  • Wireless (requires only an electrical outlet)
  • Telephone (landline port)

No Landline? No Problem.

SCRAM Systems is the only corrections technology provider to offer an Ethernet-enabled base station. And with this new feature—along with wireless, Direct Connect™, and traditional landline—SCRAM Systems customers now have the most comprehensive base station connectivity options in the corrections industry.

SCRAM House Arrest and Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

Contact us to learn more about ethernet connectivity.

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