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Case Study

Strong Court Testimony Track Record Supports SCRAM CAM Program in King County

Redmond, WA – The King County District Court (KCDC), East Division is located in Redmond, WA. Recently named one of “America’s Best Cities” (Money Magazine, August 2012) for its quality of life, low crime, and economic strength, Redmond is probably best known as the home of Microsoft Corporation.

Within the county’s East Division, the cities of Carnation, Duvall, Redmond, Snohomish, and Woodinville contract with the division and process approximately 38,000 cases per year. The Redmond Courthouse was the first court in the nation to introduce the DUI Victims Panel, which gives DUI offenders face time with drunk driving victims to gain perspective and help promote behavioral change.

How is SCRAM CAM Being Used?

KCDC Redmond also demonstrates its serious stand on DUI through its active support of SCRAM CAM technology. SCRAM CAM is consistently ordered in both pre-trial and probation for 2nd and higher DUI offenders, as well as in domestic violence cases.


KCDC-Redmond has a strong working relationship with local SCRAM CAM Service Provider Moon Security Services (Moon). When an offender has a drinking violation and contests the monitoring data derived from the bracelet, KCDC Redmond’s Supervising Prosecutor collaborates with Moon to provide evidential testimony, which has been consistently upheld in court.

As a result, KCDC has developed a guidebook that defines the acceptance process, reporting, and best practices involved in defending SCRAM CAM data in both pre-trial and probation hearings. By reinforcing its standard SCRAM CAM program practices with a well-defined judicial support protocol, KCDC Redmond has sustained a highly effective alcohol program—generating a 99.6% Sober Days rate on an average daily basis.