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Case Study

Shelby County Responds to DUI Legislation

Memphis, TN – In terms of population and geographic area, Shelby County is Tennessee’s largest county, with a population of over 925,000 residents comprising the Memphis metropolitan area.

Passed in early 2012, Tennessee HB 3281 changed the way the state manages the pre-trial release of DUI suspects with multiple offenses in the state. The law directs the use of transdermal monitoring on eligible repeat offenders.

How is SCRAM CAM Being Used?

Currently, 15 courts in Shelby County have SCRAM CAM programs, monitoring an average of 80 offenders each day continuously for alcohol. The county’s SCRAM CAM program is administered by local SCRAM CAM service provider The Justice Network, which works closely with Shelby County courts to drive SCRAM CAM programs into several court divisions, using it primarily on pre-trial offenders with:

  • 2nd or higher DUI offenses
  • 1st time DUIs with aggravated circumstances

The goal of Shelby County’s SCRAM CAM program is to provide judges and court administrators with a viable and cost-effective alternative to incarceration, as well as reduce recidivism in repeat DUI offenders by helping them replace destructive habits with positive behavior.


Cindy Stokes, manager of The Justice Network, says she’s seen profound changes in many DUI offenders after they’ve graduated from SCRAM CAM monitoring. While SCRAM CAM monitoring typically lasts four to six months, some offenders have been monitoring for as much as a year. “It’s amazing to see how being on SCRAM CAM, not drinking, and receiving the assistance they need has helped these people lose weight, look so much healthier, be able to hold onto their jobs, and become more productive members of the community,” says Stokes.