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Case Study

SCRAM CAM Helps Assess Offenders, Break Cycle of Addiction in DUI Court

Program: DUI/DWI

Cherokee County, GA – Ten years ago, Chief State Court Judge C.J. Gober laid the foundation for the State of Georgia’s DUI Court pilot program, one of which is now active and successful in Canton, located in Cherokee County in northwestern Georgia. Judge Gober’s vision was to create a DUI Court where offenders would not only be appropriately sanctioned, but also receive the type of treatment and rehabilitation they need to stop incurring repeat DUIs and keep the local community safe.

Prior to the formation of Cherokee County DUI Court, many DUI offenders would simply continue to drink and drive—with many having four, five, or more DUIs on their records. The first two Cherokee County DUI Court participants had 18 DUIs between them.

How is SCRAM CAM Being Used?

The Cherokee County DUI Court began using SCRAM CAM to continuously monitor program participants. Under the DUI Court program, each participant is required to wear SCRAM CAM for the first 90 days—primarily as an assessment tool to help identify the severity of their alcohol issue and determine the best course of treatment. During this initial phase, if the offender has a drinking event or tamper violation while on SCRAM CAM, the Court knows a more intensive intervention program may be required.


A prime example of rehabilitation through judicial supervision, the Cherokee County DUI program is integrating justice, technology, and community-based services to curtail alcohol misuse and crime. Because of the county’s comprehensive, treatment-based approach, of the more than 800 people who have completed their SCRAM CAM programs, only 4.1% have had confirmed drinking events while monitored.