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Case Study

Bothell Municipal Court Takes Tough Stance on SCRAM Program Requirements, Sanctions for Violations

Bothell, WA – The City of Bothell straddles King and Snohomish Counties within the Seattle metropolitan area. With two universities within close geographic proximity to Seattle, Bothell has a small-town charm that has attracted a young and affluent population.

How is SCRAM CAM Being Used?

Within the Bothell Municipal Court, Hon. Michelle Gehlsen is a strong supporter of SCRAM CAM technology because of her profound concern for community safety. She orders SCRAM CAM on pre-trial and probationary DUI offenders for all second and above DUI arrests, or on first-time DUI offenders that test above 0.08 BAC at the time of their arrest.

Judge Gehlsen considers SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring to be a vital tool for protecting public safety and she enforces that belief through stringent program application. If an offender does not download SCRAM CAM data every 24 hours by midnight there is a standing order to file a noncompliance charge against that offender. Regardless if it’s a weekend or holiday, offenders are subject to a bench warrant if they violate program guidelines for data communications. In addition, offenders must have SCRAM CAM installed within 24 hours of being ordered to wear the bracelet by local SCRAM CAM partner Moon Security Services.


With Judge Gehlsen’s steady and well-defined use of SCRAM CAM, word-of-mouth has become a strong deterrent to curbing noncompliance. Between the Judge’s consistent monitoring directives and Moon Security’s track record of defending SCRAM CAM data in court if an offender violates, Bothell Municipal Court’s successful SCRAM CAM program sustains an above-average Sober Days rate of 99.6%.