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Become a SCRAM Systems Partner

While our market penetration is strong, it is far from complete! If you have an interest in joining our network of SCRAM Systems Authorized Service Partners and believe this business opportunity may be right for you, let us know.

Building on the Best

Partner With SCRAM Systems

SCRAM Systems products are among the fastest growing corrections technology in the industry. And that didn’t happen alone. While we focus extensively on product development and customer service, we are most proud of the network of companies that have become SCRAM Systems partners, helping us deliver and manage our technologies across the U.S. and beyond. As we look to the future with new opportunities and innovations, our motto for our partners is Building on the Best! The future is, indeed, bright, for our company and for our partners.

Become a SCRAM Service Provider

We don’t succeed if our partners don’t succeed.

The Benefits of Partnership

Innovative and proven technologies

We are more than just bracelets—we’re proven solutions that are revolutionizing the monitoring and management of offenders in the community. Our integrated product suite represents the best-in-class of every system and leverages the worldwide brand recognition of the SCRAM Systems name. Our products are our legacy, and we take that very seriously.

Extensive partner support

Your partnership with SCRAM Systems comes with much more than just our technology. You get a team of professionals that work as an extension of you and your customers. SCRAM Systems Account Managers, Marketing and PR Consultants, Customer Service Support, and Dynamic Training teams are just the beginning of our comprehensive Service Partner team.

Dynamic training opportunities

We are anything but a drop-and-run organization. We provide dynamic training opportunities on every facet of the SCRAM Systems business, and we deliver that training in a multitude of ways. From headquarters-based multi-day certification training to traveling training by region, on-demand Internet-support, and 24/7 Customer Support teams, we are dedicated to ensuring your entire organization is operating smoothly with optimal efficiencies.

Formalized launch and support programs

We start you with our comprehensive 30-60-90 launch program to get you up and running, then we follow up with Day 91 and beyond. We’ve been delivering SCRAM technologies via a partner channel for more than a decade, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We also invested in Company Stores in key locations across the country, specifically so we could learn what it means to be a SCRAM Systems Service Partner from first-hand experience. We package up that knowledge in proven, best-in-industry programs.

Comprehensive sales and marketing programs

Tradeshows, corporate campaigns, regionalized campaigns, PR, social media, dynamic presentations—you name it, we do it, and we do it with our service partners in mind.


What started as a training conference has turned into the largest corrections service partner conference in the industry. SCRAMcon is a chance for every SCRAM Systems business partner to join us and hear from industry dignitaries, learn the near and far vision of SCRAM Systems executives, interact with SCRAM Systems staff, and connect with your network of SCRAM partners from across the globe.

Ready to be a SCRAM Systems Partner?

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