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While bars around the country are prepping green beer and Irish-themed cocktails, law enforcement agencies are gearing up for one of most alcohol-fueled times of the year.

The trend of boozing it up in honor of St. Patrick’s Day is a fairly modern turn in the holiday’s history (which dates back over a thousand years), but it is one that many people now embrace. Surveys show more than half of Americans over 18 plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s, and of those, 41% will head to a bar, restaurant, or private party. And the holiday is especially popular among 18-to-24-year-olds—a group that research has shown is already prone to heavy drinking.

It’s no wonder, then, that alcohol-related crashes and dangerous cases of binge drinking spike on St. Patrick’s Day. So before you head out for a pint, take a few minutes to check out this infographic that highlights the unlucky truth about St. Patrick’s Day and alcohol. See below for options to view, print, share, or embed the infographic.

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