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There’s one holiday tradition we could all do without: the spikes in binge drinking, DUIs, and alcohol-involved crashes that come with the holiday season.

A new resource is making a difference by educating communities about dangerous holiday drinking and encouraging them to take steps to address the problem. The Holiday Drinking & DUIs–Change the Trend site is a portal to all things related to alcohol, crime, and drunk driving during the holiday season. It also highlights the faces, names, and headlines behind the statistics.

The related Drinking & DUIs During the Holidays infographic provides a visual way to share the message. Help #ChangetheTrend this holiday season by sharing the infographic. See below for options to embed it on your own site or blog, or click here for versions you can share on social media or print.

SCRAM Systems Sober Days for the Holidays

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Sobering Up Administrator

Sobering Up Administrator

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of that data! We see more drunk drivers on the road as a result of increased parties and activities during the holiday season, but how do we change that? Many times it is hard to find a designated driver because everyone wants to enjoy themselves while out to dinner or at a party.

    Studies actually show that the rising popularity of shared driving services have decreased DUI arrests within the past few years. The conveniences of requesting a car on your phone as well as the ride quality have made companies like Uber and Lyft very successful. Promoting and relying on services these services might be our best shot at diminishing drunk driving, especially around the holiday season.

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