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Most people are aware of the devastating consequences of alcohol-impaired driving, but the consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse extend far beyond our highways. This infographic shows the unexpected ways alcohol misuse is taking a toll on the U.S.

The Impact of Alcohol Consumption in America
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Sobering Up Administrator

Sobering Up Administrator

Sobering Up: A blog about drunk driving, alcohol addiction, and criminal justice, is anything but a corporate blog. Sobering Up is an opportunity for anyone interested or involved in the issues of drunk driving, alcohol-fueled crime, alcohol dependence and addiction, and the justice system to participate in the conversation.


  1. What an eye opening infographic, some of these facts are extremely sad. We definitely need reform in law enforcement and how we deal with alcohol related accidents.

  2. This is a great graphic. I would like to know the source of the implied statistic that 66% of all prisoners are there for repeat DUI. I suspect that although 2/3 of all prisoners have driven impaired, and maybe even been covicted for it multiple times, that is not the sole offense that accounts for 66% of our prison and jail populations on any given day.

    1. Doug, thank you for your comment. And you are correct! We misstated that statistic. If you refresh your screen, you should see an updated graphic. The intent was to convey that 66% of all those incarcerated for a DUI are repeat DUI offenders, versus 66% of the entire population behind bars. Thank you for the catch, and for reading our blog!

  3. I have personally represented hundreds of clients as an attorney for DUI cases. I have witnessed the autopsy reports from deadly DUI related crashes, the emotional impact, the toll on the family, the financial impact, and the huge loss to families that have been hurt by DUI related accidents. I have seen the victim impact statements in court and I will tell you first hand….it is horrible horrible horrible… and not a single case of DUI was ever intentional. Continued education through media, parenting, schools, and more, about the impact of DUI is important. Alcohol companies, bars, restuarants, and law makers, have a bigger responsibility then they realize. Even when no one is injured the defendant faces DUI classes, fines, criminal convictions, loss of professioanl licensing, loss of immigration status, probation, and more. Please keep the conversation going about the huge impact of drinking and driving. Thank you.

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