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AMS commends Rep. Mica (FL) and other Members of House of Representatives who have worked diligently on the Transportation Reauthorization Proposal appropriately named “The American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act (H.R. 7)”. This comprehensive bill provides states with more flexible funding mechanisms that will increase accountability for how dollars are spent. Impaired Driving impacts individuals, families, and friends in virtually every county in every state across the nation.

This bill will encourage research and development strategies to address impaired driving, distracted driving, and new technologies installed or brought into, vehicles. The Senate has a similar version of the bill, but it incorporates language for 24/7 Sobriety Programs, modeled after South Dakota’s successful 24/7 Program, as an impaired driving countermeasure. 24/7 Programs have spread to North Dakota and Montana, and they serve as strong examples of effective impaired driving programs that are making the roads safer by keeping people sober. States need a continuum of programs and technologies that help reduce the incidence of drunk driving which don’t fall into a one size fits all prescription.


Sobering Up Administrator

Sobering Up Administrator

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