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Everyone knows that the holidays mean overindulgence, but a recent look at some data trending even took us by surprise. We have a team of data gurus, and they took a look historically at violation rates between Thanksgiving Day and January 2nd in order to see if there were any significant changes in compliance. Change is an understatement. Based on historical data for our 200,000+ monitored offenders, our data predicts that violations during the holiday period in 2011 will run at 127% the average for the rest of the year. That’s a 27% increase in drinking and tampers for a group of people who KNOW they are being monitored every 30 minutes, who KNOW they will be caught, and who KNOW there will be consequences. Not mom yells at you or coal in your stocking consequences. Criminal consequences.

We also have learned from both anecdotal offender reports and results of our offender Exit Surveys that the physical aspect of wearing the bracelet 24/7 serves as a deterrent to drinking. The vibration on your ankle every 30 minutes is a pretty significant reminder, and it goes a long way in helping people toe the line. But the holidays are steeped in emotions, and this statistic seems to underscore how difficult it can be to change how we react when we’re triggered. Office parties. Family expectations. Relationships. Crazy Uncle Fred. Money, kids, child custody, visitation. Any one is enough, but they seem to pile on during the holidays. Throw in the fact that everyone around you is imbibing while they celebrate, and the holidays are just plain difficult.

According to Larry Vanderwoude, president of our largest service provider, Recovery Healthcare, in Dallas, TX, and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, for those who DO get through the holidays sober, the feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled. “When our clients make it through the holidays, it’s often the most rewarding and cherished holiday of their lives,” says Vanderwoude. Here’s wishing all of our SCRAMx clients the best of success during the holidays and beyond!

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Sobering Up Administrator

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