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Integrated alcohol and location monitoring technologies for bail plans of supervision, conditional sentences, probation, parole, and peace bonds.

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SCRAM Systems in Canada

With the support of organizations such as MADD Canada and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, both federal and provincial initiatives aimed at reducing incidents of impaired driving are gaining momentum. These initiatives include a .05 BAC limit in Alberta and a trend toward a zero blood alcohol content limit for drivers nationwide.

MADD Canada estimates that 43% of all motor vehicle fatalities in Canada involve impairment. Nearly 70,000 individuals are injured in these impaired driving crashes each year.

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring has been in use in Canada since early 2010, and work is underway on pilot studies designed to measure the impact of SCRAM CAM on behavior.

Alcohol and Location Monitoring Products

SCRAM Systems technologies are designed to fit your supervision model, budget, laws, and purchasing processes. And they are supported by the SCRAM Program Management Center, an integrated system for all your monitored offenders. It’s the variety of electronic monitoring technologies you need all from a single provider, with the reliability and service that you expect from SCRAM.

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SCRAM Program Management Center

Our industry-leading suite of services enables you to seamlessly and efficiently manage your entire alcohol and location monitoring caseload:

  • SCRAMnet—our secure, web-based platform—offers a single portal for all SCRAM Systems technologies
  • Customizable notifications and reports to meet your supervision needs
  • SCRAM Court Support Program
  • Secure mobile apps enable you to access and manage client data anywhere, anytime
  • Industry-leading product training and 24/7 customer support
SCRAM Program Management Center


Sales and Program Information

For more information about the availability of SCRAM Systems products in Canada:

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Sobering Up Blog

In Best Known “Pot” State, Most Impaired Driving Still Linked to Alcohol

When Colorado became the first U.S. state to permit the sale of recreational marijuana in 2014, some expressed concerns that the state would see a huge spike in drug-impaired driving. Four years later, the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice reports that cannabis alone accounts for about 6% of DUIs, while more than 90% of impaired drivers are under the influence alcohol or a combination of drugs and alcohol.

SCRAM in the News

Alcohol-sensing ankle monitors the latest tool against repeat DUI incidents in Lake County

With nearly 1,800 DUI arrests in 2016, Lake County has the one of the highest rates of drunk driving in Illinois. A new alcohol monitoring program is designed to keep repeat offenders sober, 24-hours a day.

Client Voices

SCRAM CAM Testimonial

Hear Ron talk about his struggles with alcohol and how SCRAM CAM helped get his life back on track.