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New Research Supports Use of SCRAM CAM in Outpatient Treatment

A recently released study suggests that SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) can support better outcomes among individuals in voluntary alcohol treatment programs. The conclusion: a large majority of the study’s participants felt SCRAM CAM helped them reduce or stop drinking with little or no interference with their daily lives.

Case Study: Alcohol Monitoring Offers Jail Alternative in Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the U.S. As a result, jail overcrowding has become a serious issue throughout the state, burdening local court systems and communities. But one parish is offering a solution—utilizing SCRAM Systems’ state-of-the-art alcohol monitoring technologies to focus on comprehensive rehabilitation as part of a pretrial diversion program.

Lake County Uses SCRAM CAM Technology to Address Repeat DUIs

With almost 1,800 DUI arrests in 2016 alone, Lake County has the fourth highest rate of drunk driving in Illinois. To help combat this issue, the County recently launched a new alcohol monitoring program to ensure these types of offenders stay sober.

Implementing an Affordable Alcohol Monitoring Program

Funding challenges are usually the main reason courts and jurisdictions hesitate to add intensive alcohol and location monitoring into their programs. However, daily monitoring fees are a fraction of the cost of incarceration and electronic monitoring can help improve program and offender outcomes and save money over time.

Standing Behind Our Data—SCRAM Court Support Program

Offering court support at every level, SCRAM Systems backs our products and technology in court: if we confirm an alert, we stand behind it.

SCRAM CAM Programs Keeping Clients Sober on St. Paddy’s

With over 56% of Americans planning to celebrate this year, it is no surprise that St. Patrick's Day has become the fourth most popular drinking day of the year—but SCRAM CAM programs are helping clients enjoy a safe and sober holiday.