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TraTek Monitoring Services


TraTek Monitoring Services is an independent Canadian company, and 25+ years ago was one of the first companies in Canada to offer monitoring services to both Law Enforcement and the Canadian Court System.

We’re driven to provide both the best monitoring services and top of the line equipment in the market today. In addition, all of our services are offered at no cost to the Government or taxpayer, as they are user pay.

Examples of applications our services would be used for are; All releases that require home detention or modified home detention including 24/7 house arrest, a pre-trial bail release, conditional sentencing, a release from an immigration hold, and conditional peace bonds regarding domestic violence or child abuse. Additionally, our electronic alcohol monitoring service can be used in contested divorce proceedings regarding alcohol abuse when minor children are involved.

To assist both Law Enforcement and Probation Offices we offer a “view only” version of the software we’re presently using through a secure cloud-based website. There is no need to download or to purchase the software as this secure service is supplied at no charge. Numerous reports (including maps) regarding the individual’s activities and curfew compliance during a specified period of time are available to download and print. We offer this free service to give the Court a feeling of comfort knowing that both Probation and/or Law Enforcement will be able to monitor and track all individuals enrolled in our monitoring program 24/7/365 in real-time. Presently Probation Offices such as Alberta Probation and Law Enforcement agencies including the O.P.P. are using this service.

Our monitoring center receives all notifications of events regarding violations of the conditions of release for each individual 24/7/365 via both satellite and the cellular network. In less than 60 seconds the monitoring center’s computers will automatically send text messages, and/or emails of the violation to all listed contacts. An alternative option we offer is to have one of our agents at the monitoring center phone a local Law Enforcement non-emergency dispatch center, or the individual’s Probation Officer when a violation occurs.

Whatever an individual’s financial situation, we’ll be able to supply both the equipment and the monitoring at a price they can afford, and very often that price is the lowest in Canada.
We serve both Criminal, and Family Courts throughout Canada, and in addition, we also serve Canadian Immigration Courts as well.

As stated, with over twenty-five years of experience our monitoring programs are designed to ensure we’re reliably maintaining the conditions a Court has ordered when granting a release of an individual from custody.


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House Arrest Monitoring

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