Lou Sugo

Lou Sugo

Lou Sugo is vice president of Sales & Marketing for SCRAM Systems and has been with the company as a top executive since 2004. He has spent the last decade working closely with leaders in the monitoring industry to drive SCRAM Systems’ creation of innovative solutions for the criminal justice field. Sugo is also responsible for working with courts and agencies to develop criteria-based alcohol and location monitoring programs utilizing SCRAM Systems technology. In addition, he oversees the company’s sales and product-branding strategy, lead-and revenue-generation activities, expansion of the SCRAM Systems suite of products, and industry-relations initiatives. Before joining SCRAM Systems, Sugo had 18 years of experience as a senior marketing manager with J.D. Edwards & Company, a Colorado-based enterprise software company, and other software firms focused on the automotive industry. Sugo lives in Littleton, Colorado, with his wife, Chris, and their three children.

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