Alison Betts

Alison Betts

Alison Betts has nearly two decades of experience as a communications professional and researcher in corporate, nonprofit, and high education settings. Betts joined SCRAM Systems in 2013 and is the Director of Marketing & Public Relations. Prior to coming to SCRAM Systems, she held research and teaching positions at universities in Arizona and Colorado. Betts has also served as a public relations professional and grant writer in the nonprofit sector, where she saw first-hand the devastating impact of alcohol and substance abuse on families and communities. Betts holds an MA in English from the University of Colorado and a Master’s in Applied Communications from the University of Denver.

Report Calls for Higher Taxes, Lower BAC to Reduce DWI Deaths

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Probable cause for alcohol breath testing

Canada: “Reasonable Suspicion” Not Needed for DUI Breath Tests

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Missouri lawmakers eliminate funding for DWI checkpoints

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using a ridesharing app

Uber faces steep fine for drunk driving complaints

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Drunk driver being arrested

WI Supreme Court Rules Against Drunk Drivers in Two Cases

Wisconsin has a reputation for leniency when it comes to drunk driving, but two recent decisions by the...

Place of last drink data helps stop drunk driving

“Place of Last Drink” Helps Identify DUI Hot Spots

An increasing number of counties and states have launched databases to track where DUI offenders downed their last...


Three States May Reduce BAC Limit for Drunk Driving

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