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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring SCRAM Remote Breath SCRAM On-Piece GPS SCRAM House Arrest SCRAM Compliance Platform

Continuous alcohol monitoring for your high-risk / high-need alcohol clients.

Wireless breath alcohol device with facial recognition and GPS for monitoring lower-risk clients.

Global Positioning System monitoring for low- and high-risk 24/7 location monitoring.

Standalone house arrest monitoring built to work with today's home communications systems.

The SCRAMnet secure web application is the core of the platform, which brings together everything: court support, training, 24/7 customer support, mobile apps, and beyond.

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Client Voices

Client Voices

Hear Ron's story, whose life was changed for the better by SCRAM CAM.

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SCRAM Systems: Multiple Needs, One Solution

SCRAM Systems technologies are designed to fit your supervision model, budget, laws, and purchasing processes. And they are supported by the SCRAM Compliance Platform, an integrated system for all your monitored offenders. It’s the variety of electronic monitoring technologies you need all from a single provider, with the reliability and service that you expect from SCRAM.

SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring Technologies

No Two Alcohol Clients Are Alike. That’s Why You Need OPTIONS.

Clients span a wide range of risks and needs. High-risk, low-risk; High-need, low-need. Compliant, noncompliant. Hardcore, repeat, first-time, and everything in between. And for you to effectively manage, monitor, and reduce the risks of re-offense, you need OPTIONS.

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring™

High-Risk, High-Need

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Our flagship alcohol monitoring product, with optional house arrest monitoring. SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) is the most technologically advanced alcohol monitoring system in the world. SCRAM CAM, worn 24/7, automatically samples a client’s perspiration, every 30 minutes, to measure for alcohol consumption. No missed tests. No circumventing a testing schedule. Learn More »

SCRAM Remote Breath™

Low-Risk, Low-Need

SCRAM Remote BreathIntroducing SCRAM Remote Breath, the most flexible option in breath testing for lower-risk alcohol clients. SCRAM Remote Breath is the first and only handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with Automated Facial Intelligence™. Learn More »

SCRAM Location Monitoring Technologies

SCRAM One-Piece GPS™

SCRAM One-Piece GPSOur standalone GPS technology, with a one-of-a-kind strap design that virtually eliminates false alerts, brought to you by Omnilink, the undisputed leader in location-based monitoring technology. Learn More »

SCRAM House Arrest™

SCRAM House ArrestWe’ve packaged our popular RF technology from our SCRAM CAM system into a standalone house arrest system to meet the needs of agencies looking for multiple electronic monitoring options for different clietns. Learn More »

SCRAM Dual Function CAM and House Arrest

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol MonitoringDual function in one device. All SCRAM CAM technologies include the ability to add House Arrest/RF monitoring at the flip of a switch to increase supervision on high-risk clients being monitored 24/7 for alcohol.
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SCRAM Compliance Platform: Integrated Monitoring Systems

All SCRAM Systems products are part of the SCRAM Systems Compliance Platform, which guarantees one integrated system for all your monitored clients and the same 24/7 Customer Support, Product Training, Court Support, and client compliance analytics that you’ve come to expect from SCRAM.