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Welcome to the Case Study Library. You’ll find a wide variety of programs and jurisdictions featured in this section, and each has subscribed to Sober Days as a foundation for their alcohol management programs. From specialty courts in rural communities to large, state-level corrections programs, you’ll learn more about funding options, how they’re using SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, and the outcomes they’ve seen to-date.

Pennsylvania’s Target 25 Program Reducing Repeat DUIs by 90%

York, PA – Nestled in the lush Susquehanna River Valley of South Central Pennsylvania, York County can trace its roots back to the 1740s when it became the state’s 5th county. While agriculture has long been a mainstay for the area, York County has also evolved into a major manufacturing hub, including being home to the main Harley-Davidson factory. With more than 430,000 residents, the county is Pennsylvania’s 8th largest. It is part of the York-Hanover, PA Metropolitan Area, which | Read more

Region Eastern Program type DUI/DWI, Pretrial
Sober Days: 99.6% What are
Sober Days?

Michigan DOC Increases Offender Compliance and Implements Criteria-Based Programs With SCRAM CAM

Parole/ReEntry | Probation | Statewide

Lansing, MI – The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) utilizes a Prisoner Reentry program. The mission of Prisoner Reentry is to significantly reduce crime and enhance public safety by

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Lower Brule Sioux Tribal Court SCRAM CAM Program Targets Repeat Offenders

DUI/DWI | Jail Alternative | Probation | Tribal Court

Lower Brule, SD – The Lower Brule Sioux Reservation is located along a stretch of the Missouri River in central South Dakota, and the tribe is one of nine in the state. The Lower Brule Sioux are

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Burleigh County Sheriff Uses Continuous Alcohol Monitoring for an Effective 24/7 Sobriety Program

DUI/DWI | Parole/ReEntry | Pretrial | Probation | Sheriff | Statewide

Burleigh County, ND – North Dakota faces unique challenges and problems around alcohol. The state has one of the highest rates of alcohol use and binge drinking in the U.S., and 10% of North

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San Diego County DA: Strongly Defined SCRAM Program Yields High Compliance for Drunk Drivers

DUI/DWI | Pretrial | Probation

San Diego, CA – Like most major metropolitan areas, San Diego County has been challenged with alcohol-related crime, particularly DUI. In a typical year, more than 16,000 adult DUI arrests are made.

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